• Case Study

    Oxford Wave Research (Dr Anil Alexander)

“Surj’s depth of knowledge and experience enabled us to move some of our core products to the next level” – Dr Anil Alexander, CEO, Oxford Wave Research


Oxford Wave Research applies cutting-edge research to develop innovative audio solutions for law enforcement, the military and other agencies both in the UK and around the world.

Through their specialized software solutions, developed in response to law-enforcement requirements, Oxford Wave Research helps their customers to make the world a safer place.


  • Enable Oxford Wave Research to create a web-based version of two of their key desktop products
  • Scale the technical solution to handle load dynamically
  • Finding an experienced consultant, one who could be trusted in this sensitive field

Surj says

The whole team at Oxford Wave Research were ready and willing to learn and implement the recommendations made. They were a pleasure to work with.

They trusted my advice and they were happy to work in a collaborative way.

It was satisfying to be called upon to share my experience, knowing my recommendations would be accepted and acted upon.

Oxford Wave Research say

“It’s like therapy, until someone works through it with you, you don’t know what the problems are!” – Anil Alexander, CEO, Oxford Wave Research

We have developed a great suite of cutting edge desktop software solutions. However, to scale our offerings and to move our company forward, we knew we’d have to bite the web-bullet. We have talented engineers, but we didn’t have enough experience with a web-server based architecture to deliver results at scale.

“Surj had helped his other customers deliver products which scaled to handle load”

Working with Surj gave us an educated third-party opinion on our scaling and architecture challenges, and the confidence which came with that.

“We now have a foundation for many of our other products and services”

We work in a sensitive space and knowing that we could trust Surj meant a great deal. Knowing that he has worked with some big names in the education sector, where data on young people needs to be protected provided us with the confidence and reassurance we needed.

Much more importantly than our original goal, as a result of the work we did with Surj, we have been able to run our core product as a service in the cloud.