How We Work

Our Three Stage Process

The Benefits To You

  • No more missed opportunities – from concept to market in under 6 months.
  • Build the best solution to address your users’ pain points.
  • Predictable costs and schedules through our lean, Controlled-Agile process.

How Do We Work?

We work with you in a collaborative and structured way. At each stage, we increase our understanding of the project, to reduce your risk and provide you with a product which fully satisfies user requirements. In our opinion, no other process delivers this balance of time, cost and understanding, together with reduced risk to you.

How Do Others Work?

Compare our method with other approaches. These require you to spend long periods writing specifications in advance, which are out of date before you start development. Most projects evolve even before release – particularly with digital – and these processes simply are not built to deal with change so the initial investment can easily be wasted.

Our process is designed to embrace and effectively manage change. We focus on a lean approach – deep enough to give predictable costs and schedules, but fast enough to move rapidly into development and delivery. Close and regular collaboration gives you the clarity and control you need to prioritise features, and to minimise risk.

Managing the Triple Constraint

The Triple Constraint of Time-Cost-Scope contains the key attributes which need to be managed for the successful completion of any project.

Time – estimation of the time required to produce a deliverable

Cost – estimation of the amount of money required to complete the project

Scope – the elements that, when completed, make up the deliverables on the project.

Being a triangle, one cannot adjust one side without altering the other sides; i.e. they are inter-related.

Surge Online’s 3-Stage Process

Our 3-Stage Process has been carefully crafted over many years, through working with multinational publishers and educators on flagship products.

Alongside the 3-stage process, we are always evaluating, monitoring and conveying the Triple Constraint to you, to make sure the attributes of time, cost and scope are always within your set parameters.

Our Process

Our Values

Our Team

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