Meet the Staff: Robbie, Creative Developer

Name: Robbie

Position: Creative Front-end Developer

Motto: “Never stop learning and don’t be afraid to try something new”

About my job

I’m the front-end ninja of Surge Online…or at least that’s how I like to describe myself!

My passion is to make life as easy and enjoyable as possible for the end user. Our customers want a solution that is focused on the end user, efficient and effective.  This means creating well-structured user interfaces, crafting beautiful styles, and writing the code which gives the user control.

My role contributes to the feedback and reaction our customers receive from their users.  Front-end development is the part of the system which the end user experiences and interacts with, so is a critical part of the process. A programme may be well-written, but if it isn’t well executed from a design point of view, it just isn’t going to get used properly.

So, it’s fair to say that the user interface can make or break a product.

However, I don’t want the products we develop here at Surge Online to just be easy to use….I want them to be engaging to use as well!

Recent projects 

One of my first projects here at Surge Online was working on the design and front end development of True Teach.  True Teach is built on a rock-solid code base, which makes it both fast and stable. When creating True Teach, we had two main goals:

  • To make life as easy as possible for the user
  • To make the system rock solid reliable