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Our unique approach and expert team help you discover, understand and build the right thing, on time and within budget

We know:

  • You want to release your product in months, not years. The market changes quickly and delays can mean a competitor runs away with the lead.
  • You need to be sure that the solution satisfies your users’ needs, not what we think they want.
  • You have targets for budgets and schedules, and you need to stick to them to make your product profitable.
  • You would like a partner who can bridge the gap between content and technical for you.
  • You can benefit by having a skilled and experienced supplier, who has worked on online platforms, to support your in-house teams.
  • You will value a collaborative approach with easy communication channels as the project develops
  • You have a vision that needs to be realised in an innovative way.

“The buck literally stops with me – I require absolute certainty”
– Veronica Cuciat, Platform Manager

Online Platforms

Proven Track Record

Having worked for many years with clients such as Pearson Education, The University of Oxford and BCS, we know the value of meeting your deadlines and maximising your financial investment, hence we offer our guarantee to be on time and within budget for your product.

We have a team of experts ready to work with you offering experience, quality, efficiency and reliability to build robust software that delivers your desired solution.

“I can’t praise them highly enough – Surge Online become an extension of the Pearson family”
– Camilla Macoun, Senior Publisher, Pearson ActiveLearn

The Benefits To You

  • Access to an innovative and creative team of experts, plus the knowledge and experience to make the right choices when building your robust online solutions.
  • Peace of mind with our full commitment to our guarantee of being on time and within budget for your product.
  • Our-solution focused approach, whereby we will not just consider the task in hand but be reflective on how the product we are building will impact on your other processes.
  • A collaborative working relationship with open and clear communication and the joint objective to deliver exactly what you and your end user needs.
  • The confidence that we are building the right quality solution for you due to our fortnightly demonstration sessions.
  • A team that are well versed the most effective processes, such as controlled-Agile and Behaviour Driven Development. We understand how to build it right and will implement this correctly to be the Agile partner you desire.
  • Our unique team approach and focus on Quality Assurance at every stage, which ensures each step is right first time.
  • The reduced risk on your investment, by working with a team that have the experience that we will apply to deliver your solution.
  • Our passion for building it right and ensuring the product is useful and right for your end users.
  • A reliable testing environment where we will utilise various forms of testing at each stage of the build to ensure your project works reliably.
  • The creative, technical and managerial skills and experience to develop market-leading products and solutions.

Agile Fact Sheet

Agile Software Development

Our guide to Agile Software Development and how your business can benefit from Behaviour Driven Development.

You can read more about How We Work, our unique approach to QA and why our existing clients value our expertise and experience.

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