Surge Online Rebrand – The Thinking behind the Process

Small change, deep thoughts

Like every good story, there is always more there than first meets the eye…

Reason for the rebrand

A key goal for the rebrand was for our website and marketing material to talk about the things we really do, as well as the benefits we offer and the problems we solve. (As with most digital companies, we had been so occupied with providing a good service to our existing customers, that we spent little time in thinking about how we present ourselves to new customers).

Another concern was that the previous website needed new life, a new look and feel. Styles evolve over time, and we wanted the new site to have modern aesthetics.

Lastly, some feedback we received with respect to the old brand “Surge IT”, suggested that the industry which the name portrayed was different to our actual one – some rethinking was definitely needed.

The rebranding process

So, how did we do it?

It will come as no surprise that the first task was to do some company soul searching – to find out:

  • The problems we solve
  • Benefits of working with us
  • What our clients value
  • Our USPs
  • What we do

Using external help, we conducted a series of exercises to answer these questions. It sounds easy, but it was surprisingly difficult to come up with simple phrases and concepts. We ended up conducting a few rounds of these exercises, each time refining our thoughts.

When we were happy with discovering what our company really does, we were then able to work on our new name and our tag-line.

Once again, external help proved invaluable in guiding us to something we really like. We left the door wide open to all ideas. As you might gather, this was one of the hardest parts of the process.

After realising we had a large number of professional contacts, and that our relationship with these great people was one of our greatest assets, the penny dropped regarding keeping continuity of the brand between the old and new names, and the process became much each easier. “Surge Online” was then an obvious and a natural evolution.

From here on it was comparatively straightforward to choose a style to match our new name, and to select the look and feel of the new website.

So, what do we really do?

  • We build online platforms, with expert and refined processes.
  • We built them right for you
  • We guarantee to be on time and within budget

A big thank you to those of you who helped us with our thoughts.

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