The Understanding Process explained…

Our clients tell us that our working process is unique and offers many benefits in the development of their desired solution. So in this blog we continue to provide an insight behind the process we use at Surge Online to build our software solutions, with you and your end user in mind.

What is ‘Understanding’?

DEFINITION: “Understanding: The knowledge or ability to judge a particular situation or subject”

Every client we have ever worked for wants early visibility, controlled costs and minimal risk. So this stage of our process is a way of rapidly and effectively creating example software of how the final solution will function and how we therefore ‘Build it Right’ first time.

Collaborative working is one of our core objectives. Before we build anything ‘for real’, we work with our clients to visualise the needs & wants of both the client, and the client’s customers or end users. One of the most valuable tools we use at this stage is wireframing.

How does it work?

Following the Discovery Phase, our Understanding process helps us to create a virtual version of the solution for you.

  • It is important this stage is pragmatic, so we build a virtual site, which is quick for amendments and a great visual way to confirm the understanding of your requirements.
  • Together, we prioritise the most important features required by you and the end users
  • We help you decide what you really want before we start building anything for real and this is the right time to discuss the potential impact of changes to key variables. This stage explores the detail with you.
  • This approach allows for quick changes, which keeps your costs down.
  • The end user experience is explored by one of our expert UX team members.  They will sit with end­ users to learn how they interact with any old and the new systems. This allows customers to see how the product might function
  • In creating these wireframes lots of questions arise and from exploration of the answers we create a further appreciation of the final solution from from both sides hence why it’s called ‘Understanding’

What do we deliver for you?

By the end of this stage:

  • You will have a clear picture of your solution and how the software development will deliver the benefits you desire
  • The process will help elicit requirements for your solution, so it can be built right first time and reduce the time you may now be spending writing specifications.
  • To give you certainty that the final solution will be what you want, you will receive an interactive model of the solution, to guide the following ‘Agile’ build stage.
  • The most important features required by you and the end users are prioritised
  • The needs of stakeholders and end ­users will be clarified, which means you will ultimately get a solution that is agreed by all
  • You will receive costs and schedules for the following stage, Agile Software Development, so that you know what to expect next

If you would like to find out more, please call us on +44 (0)7500 040302 or email and we will get straight back to you.