TrooCode: Redefining quality for websites and web applications.

Fed up with bugs in your project releases? Frustrated with web software not working across the multitude of new devices cropping up every few days? Annoyed with the late delivery from your software team? Or embarrassed that bugs are being found by your customers?

What if you could get rid of mistakes from software you are having built, guaranteed? Too good to be true? In fact, this is a promise we can make to you right now, with our tried and tested solution, TrooCode.

TrooCode both helps your developers to be correct first time, and it also gives you a guarantee of mathematical correctness in your web application, from the web browser all the way to the innards of server-side business logic.

We pass on this guarantee to you. A guarantee which is impossible to give with other technologies.

A Brief Explanation

As you will know, software is a series of instructions to tell a computer how to do something. It is all too common for those instructions to be poorly written, ambiguous or just plain wrong. (This happens even in enterprise class applications). The size of the problem is exacerbated as a software team grows and as the project size and complexity grows.

If program code were equivalent to a spoken language, such as English, then the sorts of issues we are talking about here are things like:

  • creating sentences with more than one meaning (e.g. “lead” as is a metal or alternatively to show the way),
  • misspelling words
  • using the wrong words (e.g. “there”, “their”, “they’re”),
  • or, just not explaining yourself properly

Consider the effect of these sorts of mistakes when telling a computer what to do – a machine will do exactly what you tell it to, even if the instructions makes no sense, and then it will go headlong into an error condition.

Now also consider that a typical web site or web application has to use many different programming languages to function correctly. There are several in web browsers, and then several in the servers that deliver your sites.

Enter TrooCode

Using TrooCode, we can guarantee to eliminate issues caused by misspellings, and other such grammatical and syntax issues, as well as those from ambiguous statements.

We also guarantee to allow all levels of the program to speak exactly the same language, from the web browser to the server.  We believe the issues we have eliminated account 30% of a typical software project’s cost and time.

What could you do with that 30%? Release earlier? Add more features? Save the money? The choice is yours.

If TrooCode could support your developers, then take action now!