True Teach Premium is LIVE

“Awesome”,  just one of the words used in feedback, as our wonderful search engine True Teach, designed to save teachers valuable time, went LIVE.

For the past few months, following great feedback at the BETT show and our additional market research, our team have been busily adding the final touches to True Teach and testing for the 1st release just in time for the return to school.

True Teach is a search engine, like Google, but specifically for teaching resources. We have thousands of videos, documents, and other media from many sources across the web indexed and ready for you to search.

From our knowledge of working for leading publishers and our research, we know how time-consuming, and frustrating, it is to search through lots of different sites to find the content you really want. Our aim is to make it easy for educators to find good, reliable, material for their lessons.

Our service has been designed and built from years of experience working in the education sector. We’ve talked to thousands of teachers to figure out exactly the features you need.

For example, True Teach comes packed with powerful filters and tools to help you track down the resources you specifically need. Other search engines work, but they’re all too generic. They don’t let you search by academic subject, narrow by your school year, or browse resources specifically from chosen educational websites.

See what we mean and give True Teach a try.  You can use the site for free without signing up, simply by clicking here

If you like True Teach and want even faster searching and the option to save even more time, sign up to True Teach Premium here which offers the following benefits:

  • Search for just the free resources
  • Save even more time, with saved preferences like your school year (or years), subject and topic
  • Organise and save resources in unlimited personal folders for easy access.

If you would like to find out more please call us on +44 (0)7500 040302 or email and we will get straight back to you.