• Case Study

    Pearson ActiveLearn Primary (Camilla Macoun)

I can’t praise them highly enough – Surge Online become an extension of the Pearson family” – Camilla Macoun, Senior Publisher and Product Manager of ActiveLearn Primary


Pearson UK provides educational tools containing a rich variety of content, making learning more engaging and effective.

ActiveLearn Primary (ALP) is the online home of engaging, market-leading services for primary schools, optimised for use by teachers and children aged 4-11 years old.


  • Work to tight deadlines in order to deliver the agreed technical developments (stories) for each sprint;
  • Work alongside the Delivery Team to ensure ActiveLearn’s smooth running via vigorous pre-release testing, ongoing optimisation and performance improvements;
  • Determine the optimum way to implement business requirements in the most technologically-efficient and market-friendly manner.

Surge Online Say

Surge Online have been working with Pearson Primary since 2009, starting with Bug Club, a market-leading reading programme for primary school children aged 4-11 years old.

ActiveLearn Primary is involved in all aspects of the primary school curriculum. The Product Manager is responsible for setting the strategy, delivering the online content and liaising with the Platform Manager, so a thorough understanding of all technical issues is vital.

Surge Online’s role is to ensure the smooth running of the platform and to help the Product Manager deliver the business strategy working closely with the Platform Manager and the in-house technical team.

Pearson ActiveLearn Primary say

“We work to very short timeframes and to very high standards –our partners have to be able to deliver likewise” – Camilla Macoun, Senior Publisher and Product Manager of ActiveLearn Primary

There was one occasion, when we had an issue on a particular project which needed urgent resolution. Surj was due to go on holiday the next day, but postponed it to help us fix the problem – this sums up the ethos of Surge Online to me; i.e. the desire to go above and beyond what would be reasonably expected.

“…they excel in their ability to understand what we are trying to achieve”

Surge Online excel in their ability to understand what we are trying to achieve rather than being obsessed with the exact specifications of the brief.

Their depth of knowledge, both technical and operational, means that I know any problems will be flagged to me at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, by understanding the ultimate objective, Surge Online have been instrumental in suggesting improvements that were never envisaged in the original brief. They are always pro-active, eager to get involved and instrumental in helping to shape the project, which is invaluable to us.

“No other firm has provided the complete package like Surge Online”

I’ve worked with other firms in the past who have provided some of the same functions, but none of them have shown the level of commitment and offered the complete package like Surge Online.

It’s a huge undertaking to continually develop and maintain our online platform, and Surge Online have been absolutely integral to its smooth running. It requires a professional, efficient, responsive team – Surge Online tick all those boxes, and more besides.

“I feel a huge sense of relief, knowing that I’ve got Surge Online working alongside me”